DOT benches drug-using trucker after fatal crash

| 10/16/2015

A Louisiana trucker has been deemed an imminent hazard to public safety by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration following a fatal crash, according to a press release from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

On Oct. 1, Mark Isiah Gordon was driving a loaded logging truck along U.S. Highway 84 in Concordia Parish, La., when the truck veered into oncoming traffic. The DOT reports that Gordon struck a pickup truck head-on, leaving three people dead and one seriously injured.

Amphetamines and methamphetamines came back positive in Gordon’s system in drug test after the crash. In addition to being under the influence, Louisiana State Police discovered that Gordon had driven beyond the 14-hour limit on the day of the crash and on several other occasions in the seven days prior to the crash.

Gordon didn’t stop at drugs and noncompliance of hours-of-services regulations. His truck also had “seriously deficient brakes,” according to the DOT. The brakes were deficient to the point of the vehicle being placed out-of-service following a post-crash inspection. That same inspection also found a cracked frame and defects in wheels, rims, an axle and the steering system.

Federal orders were served to Gordon on Oct. 7.

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