Free flu shot, thanks to the St. Christopher Fund

| 9/29/2015

With support from OOIDA and Con-way, the St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund has made arrangements with two major health retail businesses for a free flu shot program for CDL holders.

SCF has teamed up with Walgreens for CDL holders presenting the voucher to get a free flu shot at any of their locations. Those vouchers are available now. SCF has also teamed up with The Little Clinic, located inside select Kroger, King Soopers, JayC, Dillons and Fry’s Stores, to provide trivalent flu shots for truckers with a voucher. Those vouchers will be available Oct. 8.

No appointment is necessary. You don’t need to be an OOIDA member.

All you need is your CDL and a special voucher. Where do you get a voucher? They are available at the OOIDA tour truck, now on the road. 

The truck will be on the move this fall in Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, Kansas and Oklahoma. Click here for the schedule.

The charge for the flu shots is paid for by the St. Christopher Fund, thanks to donations from OOIDA, Con-way, Walgreens and The Little Clinic.

If you don’t cross paths with Jon and the OOIDA truck in your trucking travels, you can email and the St. Christopher Fund will send you one.

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