TravelCenters presents check of $315,331 to St. Christopher Fund for truckers

| 9/28/2015

TravelCenters of America, operator of the TA and Petro Stopping Centers, has announced another record-setting annual campaign donation to the St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund. As a result of customer and employee donations received during its annual “Band Together for SCF” campaign, TravelCenters presented a check for $315,331 to the SCF.

Each year TravelCenters goal is to exceed the previous year's donations to the SCF. By rallying customers and employees around the single cause of helping professional drivers who are suffering financial hardship due to medical problems, TravelCenters has worked to help raise more than $1.7 million since 2010 for the Fund.

The Band Together for SCF campaign, which ran during August at 256 TA and Petro Stopping Centers locations nationwide, invited customers and employees to make $1 and $5 donations. Those making a $1 donation received a commemorative wristband and those making a $5 donation received an SCF keychain. One hundred percent of all donations have gone to the SCF. During the campaign, SCF also received a generous contribution of $2,500 from vendor partner, Bell Gaming.

President and CEO of TravelCenters Tom O’Brien thanked customers, employees and vendors who contributed this year.

“At TravelCenters, we want to make sure our professional drivers are treated with the utmost respect. When illness or tragedy strikes, SCF can help make sure they receive needed care and financial assistance, so all they have to focus on is getting healthy and getting back on the road safely,” he said.

“I’m simply overwhelmed with gratitude to the drivers and employees that donate through Band Together," said Dr. Donna Kennedy, executive director of the SCF.

Kennedy said so far this year, SCF has had 55 more applications than last year and that this year's campaign raised a sizable amount more than all previous years. The Band Together campaign has led the charge to raise funds for SCF to help more than 1,350 drivers to date.
The St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund is a 501(c) (3), nonprofit organization that provides financial assistance to professional truck drivers who have medical problems and are in need of financial assistance.

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