ATRI releases truck parking survey results that address reserved parking

By Tyson Fisher, Land Line staff writer | 9/21/2015

One month after the Department of Transportation released the results of the truck parking survey that was part of Jason’s Law, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has released the results of its Commercial Driver Perspectives on Truck Parking survey. ATRI found that truckers are open to reserved parking, but are not open to paying for it.

When questioned about possible reservation systems, nearly half of those surveyed said that they would not be willing to pay anything for a reserved parking space. Of those that would pay, 20 percent would fork over $1-$5, another 20 percent $6-$10, 9 percent $11-15, and 3 percent would pay more than $16.

So who is going to pay for the reservation fee? According to the survey, nearly half believe that the carrier should carry the burden of the cost and another 20 percent think that both the carrier and driver should pay. Only 6 percent suggested that there shouldn’t be any fees and 6 percent wanted the government to foot the bill.

Nearly half preferred reserved parking near metropolitan areas and nearly 30 percent favored reserved parking in all areas. Despite an unwillingness to pay for such spaces, less than 10 percent did not favor reserved parking of any kind.

Independent contractors were the most willing to pay for reserved parking, with nearly 60 percent indicating that they would. Conversely, more than half of employee drivers are willing to pay. Owner-operators were evenly split between those who would and those who would not pay. However, when it comes to paying for reserved parking in metro areas, the majority of drivers indicated that they would be willing to pay for those spots.

When asked where parking was more difficult, 62.1 percent of respondents said public and private rest stops are equally difficult, with 23.7 percent indicating private stops are more difficult and 14.2 percent finding public stops being low on parking. ATRI’ survey found that private truck stops are used for parking 27.2 percent more often than public rest areas.

More than 1,400 drivers were surveyed: Approximately three-quarters were for-hire and one-quarter private. Of those drivers, more than half were employee drivers, about a quarter were independent contractors, and a little over 20 percent were owner-operators with their own authority. Nearly half drove for smaller fleets: 16 percent had fleet size of 16-20 and 32 percent drove for fleets of 21-500. Less than 10 percent worked for large fleets of 5,000 or more.

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