Court approves injunction against Ridge Corp. 'Green Tails'

By David Tanner, Land Line senior editor | 9/3/2015

With a lawsuit pending that claims patent infringement, a U.S. District Court judge has granted an injunction to halt the manufacture of Ridge Corporation’s Green Tail product for truck trailers, awaiting payment of a bond.

The pending lawsuit, filed in March by Advanced Transit Dynamics, argues that the Green Tail infringes on existing patents for its TrailerTail device. ATDynamics is a subsidiary of Stemco, an EnPro Industries company.

The devices are designed to reduce aerodynamic drag and therefore improve fuel economy in tractor trailers.

ATDynamics sought an injunction to prohibit Ridge Corp. from manufacturing, selling, or promising to sell the Green Tail until the lawsuit is decided. The lawsuit asks the court to halt the Green Tail altogether if the courts decide in favor of ATDynamics.

On Aug. 24, U.S. District Judge Beverly Reid O’Connell of the Central District of California ruled to grant the injunction, thereby halting – at least temporarily – the manufacture of the Green Tail, pending payment of a bond. The bond would be put up by ATDynamics to protect Ridge’s losses during the injunction period should the lawsuit not uphold ATDynamics’ charges.

“This injunction will stop Ridge’s infringement of ATDynamics’ patents while the patent infringement lawsuit is ongoing,” a firm representing ATDynamics said in a statement.

“ATDynamics has also asked the Court for monetary damages and to make the injunction against Ridge permanent at the conclusion of the lawsuit.”

According to court documents, Ridge claims its product does not infringe on existing patents.

The ruling did not set the bond amount.

“The parties shall file simultaneous briefs and supporting evidence concerning the appropriate bond amount no later than (seven) days after this Order,” a court filing shows. “The Court will review the parties’ submissions and set the bond amount in a subsequent order.”

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