Indiana laws revise rules on engine brakes, certain truck weights

By Keith Goble, Land Line state legislative editor | 6/11/2015

Two new laws in Indiana cover the use of engine brakes and truck weights.

The first new law lengthens the list of vehicles or combination of vehicles that are exempt from a requirement to move an excess load until a penalty is paid. Failure to pay includes a $500 fine.

Indiana law now exempts certain farm loads.

HB1017 adds loads of logs, wood chips, bark and sawdust to the list as long as the weight of the vehicle does not exceed either the gross weight limit or the axle weight limit by more than 10 percent.

The change takes effect July 1.

Another new law effective the first of next month sets fines for the use of modified compression release engine brakes.

State law already prohibits the use of engine brakes on the Indiana Toll Road in Porter County, except for emergencies.

SB437 adds another limitation on use of the brakes. Specifically, the new law authorizes $500 fines for vehicles equipped with the affected brakes unless the vehicle includes a muffler in good working condition to prevent excessive noise.

Fine revenue will be routed to the state general fund.

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