South Carolina driver gets 'time served' for lying about fatal DUI on job app

By Land Line staff | 4/13/2015

A South Carolina trucker who had been in federal custody for more than six months was given credit for time served after pleading guilty to lying on a job application about his involvement in a fatal DUI crash.

The driver, Arnold Williams, was transferred from federal custody to South Carolina authorities, where he will await trial on charges stemming from the fatal DUI crash, which happened in North Charleston, S.C., in January 2013. According to a news release from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Office of Inspector General, Williams is facing charges of reckless homicide and possessing an open alcohol beverage container, in connection with the crash, which killed one person and injured three more.

That crash is the same one Williams admitted to lying about on an April 2013 job application he submitted to a North Carolina motor carrier. Williams was hired after failing to disclose his involvement in the fatal crash.

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