NAFTA freight maintains healthy numbers

| 12/1/2014

September was the seventh consecutive month for U.S.-NAFTA freight to exceed $100 billion with a freight flow of $102.2 billion, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistic’s TransBorder Freight Data.

All five transportation modes reported more freight compared with September 2013. Truck freight saw the second largest increase at 8.6 percent following only pipeline freight, which grew by 21.0 percent. Truck freight contributed the most of the $7.8 billion increase from last year with $4.9 billion. Trucks accounted for $31.2 billion of exports and $30.1 billion of imports.

U.S.-Canada freight moved by trucks increased by 6.0 percent from last year. U.S.-Mexico freight went up by 11.5 percent. Of the $44.9 billion of freight moving in and out of Mexico, trucks carried 67.6 percent of the loads.

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