Van and reefer rates are up, flatbed rates slightly down

| 11/21/2014

Van, refrigerated and flatbed capacity increased by 4.5 percent while available freight rose by 2.7 percent for the week ending Nov. 15, according to DAT Solutions, which operates the DAT network of load boards.

Load-to-truck ratios went up for van and reefer loads, whereas flatbed ratios experienced a decrease when compared to the previous week. Van ratios rose to 3.0, reefer went up to 9.8 loads per truck, and flatbed ratios fell 10 percent to 16.8.

In addition to load-to-truck numbers, rates went slightly down for van freight at $2.02 per mile, maintaining a rate above $2. Reefer rates remained the same at $2.31 per mile, and flatbed rates had a typical decline for the season at $2.32 per mile.

Van rates for Los Angeles to Phoenix are at  $3.11 per mile. Other routes for vans with typically strong rates include Columbus to Buffalo ($3.64 per mile), Atlanta to Orlando ($2.74 per mile) Philadelphia to Boston ($3.68) and Dallas to Houston ($2.54).

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