Florida power outages could last weeks

| 10/26/2005

The Florida Department of Transportation told "Land Line Now" that all major highways in southern Florida are again open to traffic, following disruptions from Hurricane Wilma. However, Highway 1 in the Florida Keys, while undamaged, is only open to emergency traffic.

The power is coming back on in parts of Florida, after more than three million customers lost power during Hurricane Wilma. State officials say it will be weeks before much of it is restored and some people may have to wait a month before they get power.

CNN reported that thousands of people stood in line for nearly 12 hours in North Miami waiting for ice and water Tuesday, Oct. 25. However, MSNBC reported, in many areas, the relief effort was going very smoothly.

According to CNN, damage estimates for Hurricane Wilma run from $6 billion to $9 billion.