Hundreds of relief trucks still awaiting orders in Mississippi

| 9/16/2005

Though the situation in New Orleans is improving, the situation involving getting trucks to the areas stricken by Hurricane Katrina seems to be stagnating.

Two weeks after the Hurricane hit the Gulf Coast, more than 400 trucks filled with ice, water, food and baby supplies are still sitting at a FEMA staging area in Bay St. Louis, MS, according to news reports.

Local television station WRAL reported that some drivers said they were making as much as $600 a day to sit and wait.

One driver told the station he talked to two other drivers out of Oregon who were paid $8,000 to bring loads of ice from Oregon to the south.

"They're getting $60 an hour for sitting here," the driver said.

James Shabel, a spokesman for the Federal Emergency Management Agency in Atlanta, told WRAL that the supplies would not go to waste, and that the trucks would be moved out as soon as stricken communities were able to set up safe distribution sites.