Relief trucks in Baton Rouge to roll after all

| 9/16/2005

A Baton Rouge trucking company says it has cleared up the snafu that stalled 100 trucks from hauling supplies for hurricane victims on Wednesday, Sept. 14.

Victory 1 Trucking told The Advocate in Baton Rouge that a miscommunication led to the truckers being turned away from a FEMA staging area after being told they didn't have authorization to work.

Victory 1 subcontracted the job - which involves hauling travel trailers to be used as housing for evacuees - from Fluor Corp., which had a contract with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The drivers were told Wednesday that they couldn't work because many of them did not have commercial drivers licenses.

Angela Elly, an attorney for Victory 1, told The Advocate that the matter had been resolved after representatives from Victory 1 and Fluor met on Thursday, Sept. 15 and came up with a new agreement.

Under the agreement, a three-quarter-ton or one-ton truck will be used, and a commercial drivers license will not be a requirement.

Elly said the drivers would be compensated for the time they were not allowed to work.