Mississippi calls for trailers to aid relief efforts

| 9/6/2005

The Mississippi hurricane relief effort is in immediate need of 20 dry vans a day to deliver pre-sorted relief supplies from Jackson to damaged coastal areas.

The Mississippi Emergency Management Administration is handling the truck deliveries from a 17-door warehouse. Destination sites are manned with unloading crews and/or forklifts.

Truckers who want to volunteer should contact MEMA at 866-230-8903.

And if you already have relief supplies and are trying to locate a delivery point, you may call the same number to exchange information and to receive instructions.

In addition to the MEMA set-up, the Jackson-based Mississippi Trucking Association is in operation and aiding relief efforts. Truckers and organizations can contact Steve Boudreax at (601) 354-0616 to coordinate assistance. Boudreax can direct you to smaller locales where the aid is needed.