States waive weight, height regs for hurricane relief trucks

| 9/1/2005

With health conditions and supplies dwindling in hurricane-ravaged areas of the Gulf Coast, many states are making it easier for truckers to help by temporarily easing or eliminating height and weight restrictions.

Indiana's Motor Carrier Services Division is allowing carriers to travel through the state for relief efforts without fear of overdimension tickets.

"Regarding oversize/overweight permitting, we will not charge permit fees for vehicles providing relief efforts, but when possible we ask that the carrier obtain a permit for verification routes," said Brian Lehane, department director, in a press release. "We are suspending licensing/operating authority requirements for vehicles providing relief as well."

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin and Texas Gov. Rick Perry issued similar suspensions of oversized load permits. Oklahoma's suspension will continue indefinitely, while Texas's will expire on Sept. 30.

Meanwhile, officials with Florida's Agriculture and Consumer Services Department lifted restrictions for trucks carrying livestock, fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products, and timber. Overall weight limits on Class 8 trucks were increased from 80,000 to 95,000 by Gov. Jeb Bush.

In Missouri, Gov. Matt Blunt issued an executive order that revised the permit process for overweight and overheight trucks helping the relief effort. Those wishing for a Missouri permit will be required to apply and provide the following information:

  • Year, make and license plate number of the power unit and trailer;
  • Size, make and serial number (last four digits) of commodity being hauled;
  • Origin, destination and consecutive routing;
  • Overall width, height, length and length of trailer and load only;
  • Date of movement.

Missouri's temporary change in restrictions will expire when the emergency declarations expire, or Oct. 25, whichever comes first.

An updated list of states temporarily changing their dimension limits can be found at

- By Aaron Ladage, staff writer

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