HOS regs eased for fuel loads throughout nation

| 9/1/2005

In an effort to expedite fuel shipments throughout the country, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has eased the hours-of-service regulations for tankers.

"Hurricane Katrina has temporarily halted off-shore oil and gas production in the Gulf of Mexico, shut down most of the refineries and pipelines along the Gulf Coast, and damaged storage facilities and transportation infrastructure throughout the region. The disaster has nationwide effects," the FMCSA stated in a declaration easing the regs for tankers.

The FMCSA declaration stated that, because of the "national crisis" brought on by Hurricane Katrina, the agency has temporarily eased hours-of-service regulations for tankers to allow vital fuel transportation services to continue to serve the nation.

Motor carriers transporting gasoline, diesel and jet fuel are exempt from 49 CFR Parts 390 to 399 from 1 p.m. EDT, Aug. 31, until 1 p.m. EDT Sept. 14, regardless what time zone the truck is operating in at the time.

Drivers for motor carriers operating under the declaration must have a copy of it in their possession.

To find a local or regional office in your area to obtain a copy of the HOS waiver declaration, click herehttp://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/about/contact/offices/displayfieldroster.asp.