Stretch of I-49 connecting Arkansas and Louisiana now open

By Tyson Fisher, Land Line staff writer | 11/12/2014

Travelers and professional drivers can now get to Louisiana from Arkansas with more ease. A section of Interstate 49 that connects Texarkana, Ark., to Shreveport, La., has been completed.

In Louisiana, the interstate addition of I-49 North comes from U.S. 71 to the Arkansas state line. The I-49 North 36-mile project has completed 9 of 11 segments, with 30-miles of highway now available to drivers.

Arkansas’ stretch of highway on I-49 replaces former Highway 549. Approximately 200 Highway 549 signs will be replaced with I-49 signs throughout the week.

Louisiana has invested $375 million of $670 million needed for the project. Arkansas has invested a total of $436 million to date.

Part of a High Priority Corridor from Kansas City to New Orleans, I-49 is undergoing a major overhaul that involves Louisiana, Arkansas and Missouri. Once the project is completed, a 1,700-mile stretch of highway will connect Winnipeg, Canada, to Louisiana. Winnipeg is already connected to Kansas City via I-29.

With ports in Louisiana connecting the nation to South America, transportation of goods, energy and travelers coming from the north and south will be more seamless. Additionally, nine East-West highways intersect the North-South route, connecting the entire country to commerce and travel from all directions.

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