Ontario truck enforcement to focus on road safety, not immigration, official says

By David Tanner, Land Line senior editor | 11/6/2014

Roadside enforcement of commercial vehicle regulations in the Canadian province of Ontario will focus on road safety and not on immigration, the top transportation official has announced.
Ontario Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca says the ministry, known as MTO, is no longer partnering with the Canada Border Services Agency during roadside commercial enforcement blitzes.

Del Duca says MTO remains focused on road safety, enforcing the regulations and removing unsafe drivers from Ontario highways.

That means no CBSA agents on hand to conduct arrests, deportations or interrogations for immigration-related issues during spot checks or initiatives such as Roadcheck.

The arrest of 21 undocumented workers during a joint enforcement blitz in Toronto in mid-August provided the catalyst for a provincial review of the partnership.

“This fall, an operational review conducted by ministry staff examined whether MTO’s relationships with existing enforcement partners were in line with our road safety mandate. The review found that the partnership with the CBSA did not align with our mandate,” Del Duca said in a written statement.

“As a result, MTO will no longer partner with the CBSA on commercial motor vehicle enforcement initiatives. MTO will only partner on joint enforcement initiatives with road safety partners that have a shared objective to protect and ensure road safety and commercial carrier compliance.”

Del Duca added that the ministry’s “routine work” at border entry points will not be changed or affected by the decision.

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