OOIDA Board election: Watch for your ballot

| 11/4/2014

Every two years, OOIDA holds an election for alternates to the Association’s Board. Alternates are elected by and from the membership for two-year terms. All current alternate board member terms expire in 2014.

Six OOIDA members are running for seats as alternates on the Board of Directors and will be on the upcoming ballot. They are Arthur Ballegeer, Winnipeg, Manitoba; Tilden Curl, Olympia, Wash.; David Jungeblut, Sibley, Mo.; John Koglman, Oberlin, Ohio; Paul Storz, Independence, Mo., and Monte Wiederhold, Lebanon, Ohio.

During the Oct. 9-11 OOIDA board meeting, interviews were conducted with the six nominees. The interviews will be aired on OOIDA’s Sirius XM radio show “Land Line Now” on the Road Dog Channel 146, and their profiles will be featured in the November issue of Land Line and in an upcoming online article.

A ballot is now being prepared to submit to the full membership for the vote. That ballot will be in the mail on Nov. 15. Members have 45 days to make their choices and return the ballot to headquarters. Out of the six on the ballot, five nominees will be seated at the 2015 spring board meeting.

During the time period Nov. 15-Dec. 31, active members can vote by mail or online – and this year there’s an additional way to vote. If you happen to meet Jon Osburn on the road with OOIDA’s tour truck, you can vote at the truck.

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