Love's meets resistance from locals for new location in Iowa

By Tyson Fisher, Land Line staff writer | 10/28/2014

A potential new Love’s Travel Stop location is being put on hold as it meets some resistance with local citizens. In Story City, Iowa, council members have tabled a motion to grant Love’s land at the I-35 Business Park Subdivision while they listen to the concerns of the citizens.

According to council meeting minutes from Sept. 15, 2014, nearly a dozen people spoke up against Love’s request to rezone lots at the business park for future development. Traffic was the biggest concern coming from the citizens and local business representatives who were present at the meeting. Other points of contention included environmental issues, noise pollution, crime and whether or not the community will benefit from the truck stop.

After the public hearing, council members discussed Ordinance No. 242, which changes the official zoning map of the city to accommodate Love’s development plans. Council Member Valaree Muhlenburg noted that she had recently been to a Love’s Travel Stop and noticed heavy traffic. Council Member Dave Sporleder then pointed out that truckers are people as well.

Council members and Mayor Mike Jensen addressed the comments that were expressed during the public hearing and agreed that traffic impact should be looked into before considering Love’s request for approval. Ordinance No. 242 was then tabled unanimously.

Neither the Story City administrator nor a Love’s representative could be reached for comment.

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