Feds announce plans to create registry of e-log manufacturers

By David Tanner, Land Line senior editor | 10/27/2014

Electronic logging devices are not mandatory for truckers at this time, but the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is taking steps to make sure the manufacturers will meet specifications ahead of the unveiling of a final rule. FMCSA announced Oct. 27 that it plans to submit an information collection request to Office of Management and Budget to create a registry of technology vendors who make e-logging devices.

If granted, the FMCSA will ask vendors to fill out a form to “self-certify” – or declare – that their devices will meet specs proposed in a supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking issued earlier this year. The final specifications eventually will be detailed in a final rule. FMCSA has yet to release a timeline reflecting when a final rule may be issued.

The FMCSA published a supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking on March 28 to help develop performance and design standards for devices that can log a trucker’s driving time while making sure shippers, receivers, dispatchers and brokers cannot use the devices to harass drivers.

The supplemental notice in March was a direct result of two actions – a U.S. Court decision from 2011 that prohibits the use of ELDs to harass drivers, and a 2012 highway bill passed by Congress that requires the FMCSA to issue a final regulation for e-logs.

FMCSA was forced to vacate its first e-log rule in 2011 after OOIDA challenged the administration in court on the driver harassment issue.

OOIDA opposes an industry-wide mandate for electronic logging devices and does not believe e-logging will lead to safer highways.

The FMCSA admitted that its own study on the effects of electronic logs on highway safety was “skewed” to large carriers.

OOIDA also points out that the study sample used to make comparisons about e-logs and highway safety failed to break out specific findings on fatigue-related crashes.

Comments on the information collection request will be accepted through Dec. 29. Visit regulations.gov and comment on docket number FMCSA-2014-0377.

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