OOIDA Online Education offers several video series

| 10/24/2014

As part of the Online Education series, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has released several videos for the professional driver. More videos will be released in November and December. The videos can be accessed at www.ooidaonlineeducation.com.

Business Education Series Programs

  • Series One: So You Think You Want to Drive a Big Rig. $50 for both modules. Module 1 deals with lifestyle issues, and Module 2 approaches the best way to sign on with a company.
  • Series Two: Getting Ready to Lease on as an Owner-Operator. $25 per module or $60 for all three. Module 3 is Moving from a Professional Employee Driver to a Leased-on Owner-Operator, Module 4 titled Making the Business Decision and Module 5 called Understanding the Costs of Operation.
  • Series Three: Taxes-Taxes-Taxes. Free courtesy of Truckers Tax Service. Three modules (Module 6-8): Per Diem – Pros and Cons, Deductions and Filing Status, and Income.
  • Series Four: Preparing for Becoming an Owner-Operator (Truck and Trailer Purchasing Options). Free courtesy of Arrow Truck Sales. Three modules (Module 9-11): Purchasing Equipment – Buying a Truck, Purchasing Equipment – Buying a Trailer, Is There a Magic Number for a Credit Score and How Can I Improve It?
  • Series Five: The Right Insurance for Your Business Model. Free courtesy of OOIDA Truck Insurance. Two modules (Module 12-13): Leased-on Owner-Operators: What Affects Your Rates and Owner-Operators Under Their Own Authority: What Affects Your Rates?
  • Series Six: Drug and Alcohol Testing. $25 for both modules. What Are They Looking For? (Module 14-A) and What is the Test Like … Now and in the Future? (Module 14-B)
  • Series Seven: Getting Your Own Authority. $25 per module. Module 15: Authority.
  • Finding Service When You Break Down on the Road. Free courtesy of Find Truck Service and Howes Lubricator. Includes ways to prevent a breakdown and a tool to use to find truck service providers near the location of a breakdown.

Trucking Industry Information Series Programs

  • New Entrant Safety Audit Videos. Free courtesy of OOIDA’s Business Services. Parts: What is a New Entrant Safety Audit, The 16 Deadly Sins (1-6), The 16 Deadly Sins (7-16), The 6 Factors and The Files Required.
  • Hours of Service Videos. Free courtesy of the OOIDA Foundation. Two parts: The 60/70 Hour Rule and Recent Rule Changes.

Equipment Education Series Programs

  • The Truth About Retreads. Free courtesy of Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau (TRIB). Four parts: Environmental Benefits to Retreading; Retread Plant Tour; Retread Tires, Who Uses Them? and True Causes of Rubber on the Road.
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