Report: OOIDA 2014 board election seats eight

By Land Line staff | 10/16/2014

OOIDA President and CEO Jim Johnston administered the pledge to the eight elected Board members on Oct. 11. Four of those sworn in were full Board members whose terms were up, and four of them elected from the Board’s alternates.

All OOIDA alternate board member terms expired in 2014. All five have now been tapped to move into full board seats. Here’s how that happened.

Sandi Soendker

OOIDA President and CEO Jim Johnston administered the pledge to the eight elected board members on Oct. 11. Pictured above, left to right, are Keith Jibben, Jim Johnston, Miles Verhoef, Bryan Spoon, Dick Pingel, Steve Bixler, Jack McComb, Lewie Pugh and Gary Carr.

Of the five alternates elected two years ago, Johanne Couture of Brockville, Ontario, was elected by the board in the spring to fill the board seat left vacant by Life Member Jim Mathews of Greeley, Colo., who resigned his position because of his health.

At the fall meeting, the board accepted the resignation of two long-serving board members, Frank Owen of Woodway, Texas, and John Taylor of Cross Junction, Va. That left two full board seats to be filled.

Per the bylaws, the four alternates remaining were added to the full board ballot for the vote on Saturday, Oct. 11. They are Steve Bixler, Valley View, Pa.; Keith Jibben, Milbank, S.D.; Dick Pingel, Plover, Wis.; and Bryan Spoon, Grandy, N.C.

In addition, six board members whose terms expired were also on the ballot. Four of them – Lewie Pugh, Freeport, Ohio; Gary Carr, Wayne, Maine; Jack McComb, Littleton, Colo.; and Miles Verhoef, Saco, Mont. – were re-elected to the full board.

In addition to the election that took place Oct. 11 at the fall board meeting, the Association is currently in the process of electing alternates to the board. Those nominees will be announced later this week.

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