Carrier Transicold using the sun to power TRUs

| 9/29/2014

With all of the rules and regulations controlling the use of auxiliary power units and transport refrigeration units, it was a matter of time for technology to adapt with a solution. Carrier Transicold has introduced Thin-Film Flexible Solar Panels, an accessory that charges TRUs with the power of sunlight, according to a press release.

Providing a battery charge to TRUs in an environmentally-friendly way, the solar panel mats can be placed on the roofs of trailers, truck bodies and refrigerated rail cars. With other devices drawing power from a TRU, the battery can quickly drain when the TRU is turned off. With solar panels, exposure to daylight delivers a continuous charge to the TRU battery, alleviating the issues that arise from a weak or dead battery.

Fuel efficiency can improve with the use of solar panels by reducing the need to run the TRU engine to charge the battery, Carrier Transicold notes in a news release.

Thin-Film Flexible Solar Panels are available in 26-by-41-inch panels for wide, flat roofs and 14-by-80-inch panels for narrow corrugated roofs.

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