Special Olympics Convoy huge success in Manitoba

By Reed Black, Land Line Now staff reporter | 9/8/2014

Truckers in Winnipeg, Manitoba, got the Special Olympics World’s Largest Convoy season going on Saturday, and they did it with a record 190 trucks.

The trucks made a loop on part of the Perimeter Highway then returned to the Oak Bluff recreation center. Terry Shaw, the Manitoba Trucking Association executive director, says it is what happens after the convoy that is half the fun.

“We had hot dogs going, ice cream going, we had some music going,” Shaw told “Land Line Now.” “We gave the presentations to most trucks registered, highest money raised, got the athletes up on stage, certificates of participation for the drivers, etc. It was a blast.”

Shaw says this year’s convoy raised $60,000 to support Special Olympics programs.

Here in the states, Wisconsin is gearing up for its convoy scheduled for Sept. 20.

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