New Goodyear blimp will tether to a custom Mack truck

| 9/5/2014

It may look like a balloon from the ground, but the Goodyear blimp is a massive airship. To anchor the new Wingfoot One blimp, Goodyear has chosen a custom-built Mack Granite.

Measuring a length of 246 feet, 65 feet wide and 58 feet high, Wingfoot One weighs in at more than 20,000 pounds without helium or crew. Goodyear representatives were tasked to find the best way to move the aircraft in and out of hangars and keep it grounded when not in flight.

Mike Bloom of Nuss Truck & Equipment collaborated with the people at the Goodyear headquarters where they agreed that the Mack Granite was the best truck for the job. The one-of-a-kind, custom-built Granite is equipped with a Mack MP8 engine and Mack 200 series carriers with inter-axle locking differentials.

Four Goodyear G278 MSD tires are used to keep the truck rolling.

Mack’s modified Granite will be able to support the colossal zeppelin when transporting it short distances and mooring the blimp when not in the air. The truck is able to withstand wind loads as high as 90 mph.

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