FreightWatch: Florida, Texas surpass California in number of cargo thefts

By Land Line staff | 9/3/2014

Florida and Texas have supplanted California as the two states in the nation with the most incidents of cargo theft, according to the latest quarterly report from FreightWatch International.

FreightWatch, which specializes in tracking supply chain information and cargo thefts around the globe, publishes its quarterly reports on a rolling basis. The latest report covers cargo thefts reported between April and June of this year. The report is compiled from U.S. theft data derived from law enforcement and industry databases.

The report states that there were 185 reported incidents of cargo theft in the United States during the quarter, a decrease of almost 5 percent compared with the same time frame in 2013. The average loss-value per load increased roughly 5.6 percent, to $17,415. The report anticipates the total number of incidents to rise above the totals from 2013, due to delays in incident reporting.

For the second straight quarter, Florida reported more instances of cargo thefts than any other state, with 45 incidents from April to June, representing about 25 percent of all thefts for the quarter. Texas had the second-most theft incidents with 29 (roughly 16 percent), one more than California, which reported 28 theft incidents.

The report states that the rate of cargo theft incidents in California fell more than 53 percent from the previous quarter, and 52.5 percent compared with the same time frame in 2013.

“The suspected cause for this drop, according to the California Highway Patrol Cargo Theft Interdiction Program Taskforce, can be attributed to cargo theft crews relocating to other areas,” the report stated. “Another possible cause is that the crews kept busy during the typically slower first quarter and are now lying in wait in the second quarter, says the CTIP Taskforce.”

Both Georgia and Illinois recorded 15 thefts this quarter, meaning the top five most-targeted states combined for 74 percent of all national cargo thefts.

Unsecured parking once again topped the list of locations where theft was most likely to occur, accounting for 113 reported incidents, primarily at truck stops. Thefts of trailers and containers accounted for 75 percent of all reported incidents.

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