Napa trucker recounts 6.0 earthquake

By Reed Black, Land Line Now staff reporter | 8/25/2014

Truckers and their families were among the residents of Napa, Calif., who were hard hit by the magnitude 6.0 earthquake early Sunday morning, Aug. 24.

Daniel Moore drives for Kelly Transport, and his wife and family live in Napa.

“The dogs started going crazy about five minutes before it happened. My older boy was at work; he’s a security guard three days a week. And my younger boy and my wife were at the house, and the dogs were going crazy so they came out of the living room. ... Boy, that just goes to show you, animals have that sixth sense,” Moore said.

He said their house escaped without any major structural damage, but the inside was a mess.

“In our case it’s mainly the entertainment center and dishes jumping out of the cabinets and hitting the floor and computers,” Moore said. “If it’s not nailed down and standing too far up the wall, it’s on the floor now. We lost our china hutch and everything in it.”

According to Eric Sauer with the California Trucking Association, the highways around Napa were all open Monday, but several city streets were still closed due to buckling.

Sauer also said some warehouses in the area canceled truck-loading operations Monday while they cleaned up all the things that fell off their shelves.

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