Burlington Skyway damaged by dump truck in Ontario, Canada

By Land Line staff | 8/1/2014

Police in Ontario, Canada, say the driver of a dump truck faces two counts of impaired driving after he attempted to cross the busy Burlington Skyway near Hamilton with the truck bed in the raised position. The raised container struck and damaged a number of overhead bridge supports on Thursday, July 31. Officials have not determined how long the northbound lanes will remain closed.

Witnesses told the Ontario Provincial Police that they tried to warn the driver, Sukhvinder Singh Rai, 34, about the raised truck bed by honking their horns, according to the CBC, but the trucker proceeded to the Skyway anyway.

The Burlington Skyway carries more than 150,000 vehicles per day as part of the Queen Elizabeth Way, or QEW, connecting the greater Toronto area with the Niagara Peninsula.

Adding to the situation is the fact that the first weekend in August is a holiday weekend in Canada.

The Ontario Provincial Police says Rai faces one count of impaired operation of a motor vehicle and one count of blood-alcohol level exceeding the legal limit to drive. Police suspended Rai’s license and he is to appear in court Aug. 22.

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