Michigan, Ohio and Indiana focus joint enforcement on off-interstate CMVs

By Land Line staff | 6/17/2014

Truckers traveling in and through Indiana, Michigan and Ohio take note: Those three states are doing a joint inspection crackdown this week targeting trucks traveling primarily off the interstates.

According to officials with the Indiana state police, the three-day enforcement period will take place starting Tuesday, June 17, and ending Thursday, June 19.

“We’re going to be partnering with our neighboring states to focus more on our state, U.S. and local routes for any basic enforcement,” state police Sgt. Tyler Utterback said in an interview with “Land Line Now” on Tuesday. “There’s no particular violation that we’re going to concentrate on, just patroling those areas for any type of violators driving commercial vehicles.”

Utterback said the enforcement could likely collar some overloaded haulers.

“There’s probably going to be a higher chance of catching somebody who is trying to take one of the bypass routes around the scale houses,” he said.

Utterback says the operation is mainly aimed at routine enforcement – in areas that don’t tend to get as much law enforcement attention as the interstates.

In a news release issued Tuesday, the Michigan State Police said their enforcement efforts will also focus on non-interstate routes, and will target violations that are likely to contribute to crashes, including speeding, following too closely and improper lane use. Equipment violations such as faulty brakes and tires will also be inspected.

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