Kenny Adams Trucking closes doors, instructs drivers to return trucks

By Clarissa Hawes, Land Line staff writer | 6/6/2014

Approximately 65 drivers for Kenny Adams Trucking have been instructed to deliver their loads and return their trucks to the company’s headquarters in Wynne, Ark.

Claudia Wiles, office manager at Kenny Adams Trucking, confirmed for Land Line on Friday, June 6, that the company is closing its doors. She declined further comment as to why the company was shutting down.

Wiles told Land Line the shutdown process should take approximately two weeks to get all of the trucks returned to the company.

One driver, who had a lease-purchase agreement with Kenny Adams Trucking, said he has already returned the truck, but claims he is out approximately $10,000 in lease payments he made on a Freightliner truck, as well as his escrow money.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s SAFER website, the company had received a conditional safety rating the past two years.

FMCSA’s SAFER website showed that during the previous 24 months, Kenny Adams Trucking vehicles were subjected to 168 random roadside inspections and placed out-of-service 32 times for a vehicle inspection out-of service percentage of 19 percent. The national average is 20.72 percent.

Drivers were subjected to random roadside inspections 396 times in the past 24 months and were placed out-of-service 37 times for an out-of-service percentage of 9.3 percent. The national average is 5.51 percent.

The company’s CSA scores show Kenny Adams Trucking exceeded the intervention threshold of 65 percent in two BASICS, including 89.7 percent in total unsafe driving violations and 87.3 percent in total hours-of-service compliance violations. Intervention thresholds are the safety rankings at which FMCSA begins enforcement action on motor carriers. Enforcement can be anything from a warning letter to a full-blown on-site compliance review.

Also, while the company states that it replaced its bodily injury and property damage liability coverage on Feb. 16, the FMCSA site shows it was rejected on Feb. 22 because the company never filed proof of the new BIPD policy with the agency.

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