Train strikes truck parked on tracks

By Reed Black, Land Line Now staff reporter | 5/30/2014

Besides having his truck hit by a train, a Con-way driver was in jail at last check. He was charged with three felony counts, including one of “causing catastrophe.”

The train-truck collision happened Wednesday afternoon, May 28, in the small town of Topton, Pa., west of Allentown.

State police trooper David Beohm says it was a case of stopping to ask for directions, but stopping in a very bad spot.

“He stopped on the double set of railroad tracks, got out of his truck, and walked across the street to a local diner to ask for directions. … He went into the diner and talked to somebody who gave him directions. He then came out of the diner – and as he was walking towards his truck, the train came and hit the truck,” Boehm said.

The trucker is identified as 65-year-old Alton Russell of Daytona, Fla.

No one was injured in the collision, but the empty trailer was sliced in half and the tractor was dumped on its side.

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