Nebraska State Patrol surprise inspections result in 30 out-of-service orders

By Greg Grisolano, Land Line staff writer | 5/29/2014

A series of surprise inspections in Norfolk, Neb., resulted in 30 commercial vehicles being ordered out-of-service, according to a release from the Nebraska State Patrol.

The special enforcement campaign took place Wed., May 28, in the town of Norfolk, which is roughly 110 miles northwest of Omaha, at the intersection of U.S. Highways 81 and 275.

Capt. Gerry Krolikowski, commander of the patrol’s carrier enforcement division, said the inspections are designed to target commercial vehicles that might not travel outside the city or pass through weigh stations as part of their regular routes.

Of the 80 inspections, the patrol discovered 264 violations and put 30 vehicles out of service. In addition, six drivers were taken out of service, five of whom had no CDL, and one for an hours-of-service violation. Officers issued a total of $6,165 in fines.

“(Generally speaking) what we see during these inspections is not uncommon of what we see in our day-to-day inspections of commercial vehicles. … The number one out of service violation would be brakes and the brake systems,” Krolikowski said in a phone interview with Land Line. “However, we do see a higher rate of violations pertaining to tires and load securement on these operations.”

Krolikowski said the inspections are DOT Level 1 inspections, and even though the enforcement effort is aimed at local trucks, “if it’s a vehicle subject to the regulations, we will pull it in.”

“Our emphasis is on local truck traffic, so we’ll set up in an area where the majority of traffic is local. … A vehicle passing through, or from out of state, delivering into that city, we will run into those as well. If you’re talking about somebody taking a load of produce from California to Illinois or New York, no, we typically do not inspect those vehicles (because) we typically don’t encounter those vehicles at these locations.”

A similar surprise enforcement campaign was conducted Thursday, May 29, but results of the inspection were not available at deadline. Krolikowski said officers conducting the local enforcement will be involved in CVSA’s Road Check 2014 enforcement, June 3-5.

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