Funding boost for long haulers? CARB presents expanded Moyer funding

By Charlie Morasch, Land Line contributing writer | 5/7/2014

For 15 years, most long-haul trucking operations haven’t qualified for grant money to pay for diesel emissions upgrades through the California Air Resources Board.

Times may be changing.

According to a proposal by California Air Resources Board staff, CARB is considering lowering the required operating time in California for trucking companies from 75 percent to 51 percent. While trucks based on the other side of the country may not qualify, the move could make California and other West Coast-based trucks eligible.

CARB’s Carl Moyer Program has been in existence since 1998, and provides partial financing to help various diesel owners pay for vehicle upgrades and replacements.

The program now funds $69 million, with local state air quality management districts matching an additional $12 million.

The expansion of the Moyer Program was directed by CARB at its monthly board meeting April 24-25. The changes were encouraged by some at the meeting as a way to help small trucking fleets comply with the rule and continue operating in California.

According to the proposal, the revised program would focus on small trucking fleets of one to three trucks, and would require a minimum of 51 percent usage in California. The funding would go toward the replacement of trucks with 2006 and older engines.

The in-state operations requirement would have to be documented by truck owners. CARB staff said in the presentation they wanted to specify maximum funding amounts tied to vehicle costs, and clarify eligible engine/vehicle replacements.

The current proposal would fund up to $45,000 for vehicle replacement, or up to $10,000 for retrofit funding. Staff planned to discuss prioritizing funding for first-time grantees, and considered limiting eligibility to funds for those who haven’t received grants from the program. Staff also planned to consider reduced funding amounts for prior grant recipients.

The official proposed changes will be published on June 6 before CARB’s 45-day public comment period. CARB plans to discuss the proposal at its July 24 meeting, and could release the changes by early August.

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