MEDICAL CERTIFICATION WATCH: FMCSA gets largest weekly increase for National Registry

By Tyson Fisher, Land Line staff writer | 5/2/2014

The new National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners received a large boost this week with 2,022 new medical examiners. Only three weeks remain before truckers are faced with the mandated use of examiners on the registry for medical certification.

Back in May 2012, FMCSA established a National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners to improve highway safety and driver health. The compliance date is May 21, 2014. 

The agency estimated in the final rule that 20,000 certified medical examiners would be needed by May 21 and, as the program rolled out, eventually about 40,000 would be needed to cover the vast area of 3,140 counties in the United States.

During the early stages rulemaking process, it was pointed out during the comments that a shortage of examiners could mean that many drivers will have to drive a few hundred miles out of their way to complete their certification. Fewer examiners could also lead to longer wait times for drivers and no opportunities for walk-ins. 

In an April 8 petitionfor a direct final rulemaking to extend the May 21 deadline, OOIDA officials challenged FMCSA’s estimated workload demands on the medical professionals listed in the registry. The Association contends the lack of a sufficient number of medical professionals will create hardships on CDL holders seeking to get or renew medical certification in a timely basis.

In its petition, OOIDA officials challenge not only the sufficiency of 20,000 medical examiners to start with, but the overall goal of 40,000 to serve all of the truck drivers needing medical certification on not only an every-other-year basis, but those drivers with shorter certification periods.

According to OOIDA Chief Operating Office Rod Nofziger, the Association has received no response to the petition for delay.

As of May 2, 2014, the total number of registered ready-to-go medical examiners is 17,643.

About 44.12 percent of the eventual goal of 40,000 medical examiners has been reached, a 5.07 percent increase from last week. This is the highest weekly increase since keeping score on March 4. The second-highest increase was 4.44 percent one month ago. In the coming weeks, an average increase of approximately 2 percent will be needed in order to reach 20,000 registered examiners by the deadline. At its current pace, the FMCSA National Registry is expected to hit 20,000 by May 21.

FMCSA expects the number of registered examiners to grow, noting that many people tend to wait until the last minute to take the test.

The National Registry requires drivers to receive medical certification from medical professionals who are part of the registry. Official examiners will be trained on FMCSA’s regulations and the physical standards of the truck driving industry. In the past, any licensed professional could certify a driver for physical qualification.

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