Navistar trucks and Great Dane trailers recalled

| 4/8/2014

Navistar has recalled 124 International Prostar trucks, and Great Dane has recalled 1,008 trailers.

The Navistar recall affects the 2014 International Prostar trucks. More specifically, the recall is for those models that were manufactured September 2013 through December 2013 with the Dual Track forward rear axle (feature code 14GXP) and with 200 wheel hubs without cone locks. The axle shafts in these trucks may not be of sufficient length to fully engage into the side gears of the rear axle differential and may result in axle shaft spline failure.

Owners will be notified by Navistar so dealers can replace the incorrect wheel hubs and axle shafts with the correct ones. Any repairs will be paid by Navistar. Owners may contact Navistar at 800-448-7825. Navistar’s number for this recall is 14506. The recall began on March 18, 2014, and affects 124 trucks.

Great Dane is recalling the 2013-2015 models of flatbed trailers. In the affected trailers, the brackets used to store aluminum J-hook cargo restraint plates may break and allow the cargo restraint plates that are stored on the bracket to fall from the trailer. If the bracket breaks, the falling restraint plates may become a road hazard for drivers of other vehicles, increasing the risk of a crash.

Great Dane will notify owners so dealers can replace the defective brackets with a newly designed bracket free of charge. Owners may contact Great Dane at 800-633-4176. Great Dane has not released a notification schedule but has determined the VINs of trailers with the defective bracket and is compiling a list of customer names and addresses of the 1,008 trailers affected.

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