Law enforcement warn of 'credible' threat of cargo theft in Indiana

By Land Line staff | 3/19/2014

OOIDA security operations is warning of a potential cargo theft operation operating in and around the state of Indiana.

Doug Morris, OOIDA’s security operations director, said there is “credible intelligence” that a crew of South Florida cargo thieves are actively seeking to steal freight.

“Although it is unknown just how many suspect vehicles may be involved, one vehicle is believed to be a red four-door Hyundai, unknown model, with Tennessee registration,” Morris said. “It is also suspected that this vehicle may be traveling with a bobtail tractor, which would be used as a substitute when the original stolen tractor is discarded.”

Morris said shippers and freight haulers should use extra security precautions and report any sightings of the suspicious vehicles or suspicious activity to local law enforcement.

“Make sure you never discuss what freight you have on there, the value or its destination,” he said. “Lock the power unit and remove the keys when unattended. Be aware of the value of the load and its attractiveness to thieves. Always try to park the trailer in a supervised or well-lit area. If you have a GPS tracking device, make sure it’s working properly.”

Morris said it is believed that, “as has been common practice in the past,” these individuals will establish a physical surveillance of a targeted facility which holds a commodity they are specifically interested in. They will then attempt to identify a departing shipment – which would subsequently be followed until left unattended.

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