New video from Truckers Against Trafficking decries 'lot lizard' term

| 2/4/2014

Truckers Against Trafficking, a 501(c)(3) organization fighting human trafficking through the efforts of the trucking industry, announces the release of a new video titled “I am NOT a Lot Lizard.”

The 8-minute video features a number of career truck drivers and Tajuan McCarty, sex trafficking survivor and advocate and founder of Wellhouse, a home for sexual trafficking survivors, talking about the dehumanizing effect of the term of “lot lizard.” This term has been used for years among members of the trucking industry to describe the women, girls and boys who work the travel plazas, truck stops and rest areas, selling sex.

“Of course we want to involve law enforcement when human trafficking is taking place, but to effect lasting change, we must also address the cultural attitudes and behaviors that allow this crime to flourish. And when it comes to trucking, the term lot lizard is at the fore,” explained Kendis Paris, TAT executive director. “The term lot lizard allows you to diminish the situation, diminish the human being knocking on your door. Who wants to help a lizard? Instead, we want truckers to ask themselves, what's her/his story? This film highlights the fact that every person on the lot has a story, and some desperately need truckers to change theirs for the better.”

The film is available for review on the TAT website, It can be seen on the home page as well as watched and downloaded on the video download page on the site.

The video was produced for TAT by iEmpathize, a human rights organization committed to fighting crimes against children and gaining international recognition for the strength and integrity of its media.