Survey says Americans are fearful of driverless cars, light trucks

By Land Line staff | 2/3/2014

A driverless car is safer because it eliminates human error, right? Not so fast, according to an informal poll. A recent survey by Harris Poll found that 88 percent of U.S. adults would be worried about riding in a driverless car or light truck.

The survey, commissioned by a group called Seapine Software, asked 2,039 adults if they worried about whether a driverless car would fail. Seventy-nine percent answered yes, they worried about glitches in braking software or failed warning sensors.

Nearly 60 percent worried about liability issues involving driverless cars and accidents, while just over half were fearful of having a driverless vehicle’s computer hacked by someone who would then take over the vehicle.

Fewer, 37 percent, worried about privacy issues or being tracked by insurers, advertisers or municipalities.

According to a marketing firm that released the results of the survey, just 12 percent of respondents said they would not worry about riding in a driverless car.

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