Trucking company owner sentenced to 33 months for falsifying payroll records

By Clarissa Hawes, Land Line staff writer | 1/27/2014

The owner of an Illinois-based trucking company has been sentenced to 33 months in prison. A jury found him guilty of violating labor laws by submitting falsified payroll records that stated he paid drivers prevailing wage on a government project when he didn’t.

In September 2012, a jury found William Patrick Clark, owner, operator and president of Clark Trucking and Excavation LLP, of East St. Louis, Ill., guilty on all 10 counts of making a false statement. He has been ordered to make restitution of more than $273,000 to at least 22 former drivers and employees who worked for him.

Clark’s company worked as a subcontractor with two other construction companies as part of Gateway Constructors, providing hauling services on the Interstate 64 project. The project was funded by the Missouri Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration.

According to court records, Clark submitted false employee pay records by failing to pay drivers the prevailing wage of $35.45 per hour to his drivers. Instead, he paid his drivers a “significantly lesser amount of approximately $13 to $14 per hour and (the drivers) did not receive any fringe benefits.” He pocketed the rest of the money.

A driver for Clark Trucking discovered the pay discrepancy after comparing his hourly wage in a conversation with a driver for one of the other two companies on the I-64 project.

In February 2012, the Illinois Department of Transportation sent Clark a notice of interim suspension from doing business with the agency after a criminal investigation was launched into his business practices in December 2011.

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