Indiana DOT warns drivers to watch for potholes on roads and bridges

By Greg Grisolano, Land Line staff writer | 1/14/2014

Citing unusually severe winter weather, the Indiana Department of Transportation is issuing a warning for drivers to be on the lookout for more potholes on interstates and highways.

INDOT spokesman Nathan Riggs said the transportation agency has been running crews on 12-hour shifts to try to patch as many holes as they can.

Riggs said areas the agency has received complaints about potholes include I-70 east of Indianapolis, and between New Castle and Richmond, as well as State Road 3 and State Road 109.

“We’ve been on pothole patrol really since last week,” he said.

Riggs said the unusually harsh winter weather spawned during the Polar Vortex in the first week of January has made the situation worse than usual. The state saw more than a foot of snowfall in many locations, coupled with temperatures as low as 15 degrees below zero in some places.

“The magnitude of these circumstances is a little bit greater than what we typically see,” he said. “Obviously, we have limited resources so we do have to prioritize the resources that we have. I would say those decisions are made both on traffic volume areas as well as on the magnitude of the damage in the individual area. If it’s a high-traffic interstate area, then obviously that’s going to be a priority, making sure the pavement doesn’t deteriorate to the point where it becomes a safety hazard or an impediment to safe traffic flow.”

Riggs said the state’s policy of not restricting traffic lanes during high-use times means much of the repair work is done at night.

The pavement conditions exist all over the state, but the worst conditions are in areas that have older pavement that was “already seeing a great deal of maintenance,” Riggs said.

“Fortunately, in many of these areas where we’re seeing the greatest need for attention, we do have contracts in many areas (to repair and repave) that are ready to go this spring,” he said.

Motorists can report a pothole through the agency’s website here.

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