Online only: Nebraska DMV announces new process for trip and fuel permits

| 1/13/2014

The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles has announced the launch of a new online application for the issuance of trip and fuel permits. Heads up: Effective April 1, 2014, fuel and trip permits will be available only through the online service, and will need to be purchased prior to entering the state. 

With the passage of LB 250 in the 2013 Legislative Session, the DMV was charged with creating an online fuel and trip permit process on or before January 2015 for interstate trucks operating through Nebraska. The DMV is launching the new service Monday, Jan. 13, one year ahead of the mandate. It is available at Click

“We recognize the important role the trucking industry plays in our state’s economy, and this new service is designed to save them time,” said Rhonda Lahm, Director of the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles.

The new online service is available for use by the public and will replace the current paper process administered by the Nebraska State Patrol.

Col. David Sankey, superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol, said the state patrol collaborated with the DMV on this project.

Sankey said purchasing trip permits via the Internet should expedite the process for commercial motor vehicle companies and drivers driving across Nebraska. 

The current process requires non-resident trucks and buses to stop at a proration station upon entering the state to purchase the required permits. To accommodate the transition to the new permit application process, both electronic and paper permits will be available until March 31, 2014. 

The trip and fuel permits application process can be accessed at the website. This new service is an addition to the other online services offered to commercial carriers. The new service accepts credit cards for payment. 

What if you have no access to a computer? Is there an alternate process? Sgt. Kurt vonRentzell of the Nebraska State Patrol’s Carrier Enforcement says yes and no.

“There is no way of purchasing these permits from Nebraska DMV without going through this Internet site,” vonRentzell told Land Line. A driver may be able to use a computer at a truck stop or library in those cases they cannot obtain one from their carrier.”

VonRentzell said the state patrol was aware of two wire-services selling these permits utilizing DMV’s website – Trans/Mid-America Inc. and Comdata.