Postal Service urged to collect $9.9 million in fuel overpayments

By Land Line staff | 11/8/2013

A new Office of Inspector General alert states that the U.S. Postal Service overpaid trucking companies more than $22.5 million for fuel purchases over a two-year period. Of that money, the IG claims the USPS has failed to recover $9.9 million of that money from its contractors.

Since 2005, the USPS has allowed its contractors to use the Voyager Card Program for fuel purchases. Since the overpayment issue was uncovered, the USPS has implemented new controls to monitor its fuel purchases, including limiting the number of gallons drivers can purchase per day and per month.

According to the Inspector General alert, it is urging the USPS to immediately reconcile its accounts and recover overpayments and that January 2014 is the target date to “implement the recovery process.”

“We are issuing this alert due to the urgency and time sensitivity associated with recovering any overpayments,” the Inspector General alert issued in late October states. “The Postal Service’s ability to recover any overpayments for expired and non-renewed contracts becomes increasingly difficult as time passes.”