Canada border eManifest delayed again

By David Tanner, Land Line associate editor | 10/28/2013

For the third time in a year, the Canada Border Service Agency has delayed a program that will eventually require all highway and rail carriers entering Canada from the United States to submit cargo information in advance of arriving at the border.

The program is called eManifest, and it’s similar to a program already in place for U.S.-bound trucks from Canada.

The Canada Border Services Agency announced Oct. 21 that the agency’s self-imposed “fall 2013” deadline to implement eManifest would be pushed back. The agency said the delay was due to timelines associated with the regulatory process.

Officials have delayed eManifest a total of three times in the past year. The program was to have gone live on Nov. 1, 2012, but officials pushed it back to May 2013. And without an exact date in mind, the agency pushed the rollout to fall 2013.

All the Canada Border Services Agency can promise at this time is that the agency will provide 45 days advance notice before implementing and enforcing eManifest.

Once the program takes effect, carriers can face delays or even be turned away if they fail to provide the cargo data ahead of arriving at the border. The submission of data about the cargo and drivers must be done electronically, as well – hence the “e” in eManifest. Users of the system must first register for an account before they can begin sending cargo data.

The Canadian government says that once operational, eManifest will save time while enhancing border security.

The eManifest program will apply to all highway carriers, even one-truck owner-operators. The Canada Border Services Agency and U.S. Embassy in Ottawa have reached out to Land Line and other industry press to educate truckers and carriers about the program.

Carriers are welcome to register at any time, according to border services, and registration is free. Early registration allows carriers to get used to the system and work out any bugs prior to the mandatory rollout.

Third-party providers have popped up in recent months, charging fees to help carriers navigate the eManifest process.

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