OOIDA truck show: Truck beauty competition shaping up

By Land Line staff | 9/24/2013

There are plenty of ways to get blown away in Kansas. The Heart of America Truck Contest is one of them.

The beauty competition is part of Heart of America Trucking Show, an extraordinary two-day outdoor celebration hosted by OOIDA at the Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, to mark its 40th year of representing the interests of all professional truckers and fighting to protect their rights.

The truck competition is coordinated by OOIDA Life Member Suzanne Stempinski. With a resume of nearly 1 million safe driving miles as a career owner-operator, many years of truck showing with her husband, Bob, and years of experience presenting truck beauty contests – it’s no surprise that what Suzanne enjoys the most about a truck show is the shiny trucks.

“I love parties,” says Suzanne. “Filled with people all dressed up in their celebratory best, wearing big smiles and looking for fun. Sounds like show trucks to me. Washed and polished, dressed in their finest and newest bling, putting their shiny sides up. I’d rather stroll around show trucks than jump up and down in a bouncy house (and yes, we have one of those, too).”

Suzanne says she has been waiting for the Heart of America Trucking Show for a very long time.

“Some of these trucks are the stuff of legends. And some have stories still unfolding. It’s an amazing weekend of fabulous music, great food, old friends to hug and new ones to meet,” she says. “It’s hard to believe it’s almost here.”

You can find information on how to participate and how to preregister on OOIDA’s truck show website. You can download a registration application then fax or mail it in. You can also find information on how to sponsor the competition.

1.         Best of Show Working Combo
2.         Best of Show Working Bobtail
3.         Best of Show Limited Combo
4.         Best of Show Limited Bobtail
5.         Best Wash ‘n’ Shine Combo
6.         Best Wash ‘n’ Shine Bobtail
7.         People’s Choice
8.         President’s Choice

The show closes on Friday, Oct. 18, at 5 p.m. Note that the “Light up the lot” show truck light competition takes place at 6 p.m. on Friday.

The show truck competition’s sponsors are Rockwood, PrePass, Minimizer, Lincoln Chrome and OOIDA Truck Insurance.

Show truck parking and check-in begins Thursday, Oct. 17. Truck departure is scheduled for close of show at 5 p.m. Central time on Saturday.

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