Roehl to equip 500 more trailers with TrailerTails

| 7/19/2013

Wisconsin-based Roehl Transport Inc. is installing ATDynamics TrailerTails on all of the company’s new trailers. Roehl, a U.S. truckload carrier, began testing TrailerTails in 2012 with the initial use of the rear drag reduction technology on 100 trailers. This month, it will boost that number to 500 additional TrailerTails.

Roehl President Rick Roehl says the on-road testing confirmed a fuel savings benefit, and drivers are finding the aerodynamic trails are safer, handle better in high winds, and reduce road spray.

ATDynamics, the California company that makes TrailerTails, projects that 50,000 TrailerTails will be on U.S. highways by 2014.