Daughter of accused kidnapper of Gabrielle Swanson arrested

By Greg Grisolano, Land Line staff writer | 7/12/2013

The daughter of a man accused of kidnapping a 15-year-old girl from her mother’s home is now also behind bars after authorities accused her of being an accessory after the fact.

Dominique Grant, 27, was charged Thursday in Richland County Fifth Judicial Circuit in South Carolina, according to a release from the sheriff’s department. Her bond has been set at $300,000 cash following a bond hearing on Thursday.

Grant’s arrest stems from the June 18 discovery of a cell phone that belonged to 15-year-old Gabrielle “Gabbiee” Swainson. The girl was kidnapped from her home in the early morning hours of Aug. 18, 2012. Swainson is still missing.

A suspect in Swainson’s disappearance, 52-year-old Freddie Grant, of Elgin, S.C., is in custody on kidnapping charges. Dominique Grant is Freddie Grant’s daughter.

In a news release issued Thursday, Richland County sheriff Leon Lott stated that on June 18, Swainson’s cell phone was recovered behind a Piggly Wiggly Grocery Store in Myrtle Beach by a delivery driver. The sheriff stated that Dominique Grant” placed the phone there with the sole purpose of planting evidence to throw off the investigation.” The sheriff stated that the investigation into the cell phone determined that Dominique Grant was in Myrtle Beach days before the phone was recovered.

The sheriff’s news release also stated that law enforcement believe both Freddie Grant and Dominique Grant have information on what specifically happened to the missing girl and are “working together to destroy evidence and thwart the investigation.”

This is not the first time the younger Grant has been accused of covering for her father.

Freddie Grant was convicted on Jan. 15 of a federal charge of unlawful ammunition possession, which stemmed from a police search of his home related to the kidnapping investigation. During that trial, Dominique Grant testified that the bullets and shells were hers and that she kept them in bags and boxes when she visited the home. She was later chastised by the federal court for lying about the investigation and her efforts to harm the investigation. 

The Richland County Sheriff’s department is still searching for the missing girl, who would be 16 years old now.

“We’re continuing to follow leads,” Sgt. Curtis Wilson said in a phone interview with Land Line on Friday. “There’s still the same force, same folks out there, doing what they do.”

Gabbiee is the daughter of OOIDA Member Alvin Thompson, who lives in Virginia. Freddie Grant had dated her mother and became a suspect when he refused to answer basic questions from police. Grant is also a suspect in the disappearance of a Homestead, FL, woman who was last seen at his home in September 2011. He is also a suspect in the murder of a Kershaw County man in October 2011.

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