Flood warnings, highway closures in Alberta

By David Tanner, Land Line associate editor | 6/21/2013

Flooding in Alberta, Canada, is wreaking havoc in the province’s largest city and surrounding region. Environment Canada issued warnings as swollen rivers and mudslides forced the evacuation of 100,000 in Calgary, isolated the city’s downtown, and closed the Trans-Canada Highway at Canmore.

Dale Hart, an administrator at Rosenau Transport in Calgary, told “Land Line Now” that residents have seen nothing like this in 100 years.

“Our whole downtown has flooded. There’s about 100,000 Calgarians that have been displaced out of their homes,” Hart said on Friday, June 21. “Most of our major roads are closed due to flooding as well. The whole downtown city of Calgary – every company and business is closed. … Nothing really is moving in our downtown core. And any of our homes that are along the river – quite a few of them have already been lost.”

Environment Canada continued to issue warnings on Friday, with more rain expected along the Bow and Elbow rivers. The region has received about 6 inches of rain on saturated ground. Hart said Calgary hasn’t seen the sun much since the beginning of the month.

“We could be in trouble, but we could be fine,” Hart said.

Alberta Premier Alison Redford told the press that residents should take evacuation orders seriously and to follow local emergency orders. Canadian Forces deployed 1,200 troops to the region.

“We are working closely with communities that are already impacted, as well as those downstream in southern Alberta that anticipate being impacted,” Redford said in a press briefing posted online.

Click here to view provincial emergency alerts.

“Land Line Now” Staff Reporter Reed Black contributed to this article.

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