OOIDA's next webinar: How permits and licensing affect your bottom line

By Land Line staff | 6/14/2013

Looking for help understanding how permits and licensing decisions affect your trucking business? OOIDA’s latest webinar is here to help.

Webinar host Tom Gann will interview Scott O’Dell, a permits and licensing agent at OOIDA, about how to register your truck and avoid potential pitfalls.

“We’re going to be stressing how drivers need to re-evaluate their permits and licenses on an annual basis,” Gann said.

Often when a trucker first breaks into the business, he or she will apply for numerous licenses, especially if they’re planning to haul coast-to-coast, or haul different types of materials. Gann said the excess permits often become an unnecessary expense for drivers.

“Once a driver becomes established, they typically find there’s a certain area they run in, and they probably don’t need all those licenses,” he said.

The webinar will also focus on International Registration Plans and the impact that mileage estimates on each state you travel in can have on your insurance; Unified Carrier Registration and what to do if your state does not participate; and the International Fuel Tax Agreement.

Catch the live broadcast on Thursday, June 20, or view it in the archive afterward at your convenience. There will be time after the live broadcast for questions and answers.

Few business-training seminars offer OOIDA’s experience and knowledge of trucking-related topics, especially those relevant to owner-operators. The 2013 series is no exception.

This series of webinars gives truckers a one-two punch with some programs designed to help drivers understand rules, regulations and industry requirements, while other courses teach participants about the business side of trucking.

Webinars cover topics such as transitioning from company driver to owner-operator, the authority process, using load boards and more.

OOIDA designed the program with convenience and truckers’ schedules in mind.

“Webinars are presented by industry professionals in a user-friendly format delivered directly to the participant’s computer,” Gann said.

Programs can be viewed during the original airing, and participants can revisit the material later at their convenience. Or they can sign up to view any program in the easy-to-access archive files, which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

There are two programs a month, each lasting about an hour. All programs are designed to help drivers at all levels in their career. Truckers may purchase the entire course, or choose individual programs, or pick several webinars with smaller, affordable package deals.

For more information, visit ooida.com/webinar, or call 800-444-5791, or follow the webinar series on Facebook.

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