Mississippi-based limo company ordered to cease passenger service

By Land Line staff | 5/30/2013

Mississippi-based Carbo Limo has been ordered to cease interstate passenger service, according to a release from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
An FMCSA investigation of the Oxford, MS, limo service found that the company’s two motor coaches used for interstate operations were unsafe and that drivers “were not properly screened or monitored by the company to ensure compliance with federal safety regulations”, the release stated.
Carbo Limo is a for-hire passenger carrier consisting of 10 passenger vans/minibuses and one stretch limousine used for its intrastate operations, principally shuttle service in and around Oxford. The company also operates two large motor coaches to provide interstate passenger service, over which FMCSA has authority. The action announced by FMCSA revokes Carbo Limo’s federal operating authority to conduct for-hire, interstate transportation of passengers only.
During the investigation, FMCSA found that Carbo Limo failed to ensure that its vehicles were properly and regularly inspected, repaired and maintained. The company kept no records of tests conducted on emergency doors and windows on its two interstate motor coaches, and an inspection sticker was found to be falsified.
Carbo Limo also employed drivers before receiving pre-employment drug and alcohol tests as required by federal regulations. The company was found to be in violation of regulations requiring random drug and alcohol testing of its drivers. In addition, the company failed to monitor and ensure that its drivers complied with federal hours-of-service regulations. On occasion, the company dispatched a driver who did not possess a commercial driver’s license.
This action represents the ninth out-of-service order issued by FMCSA since the April 1 deployment of more than 50 specially trained “Operation Quick Strike” safety investigators targeting high-risk passenger carriers. In the past six weeks, FMCSA investigators have issued out-of-service orders to bus companies in the District of Columbia, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, New York and Utah. Since the beginning of 2013, FMCSA has issued out-of-service orders to a total of 16 bus companies and eight trucking companies. The agency has also declared six commercial driver’s license holders as imminent hazards, blocking them from operating in interstate commerce.

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