Tanker hauler explodes near Mexico City, kills 23

By Land Line staff | 5/8/2013

A tanker truck wrecked outside Mexico City Tuesday, causing a massive explosion that killed 23 and wounded dozens of others.

The truck, which was reportedly loaded with liquid petroleum, crashed in Ecatepec, in the state of Mexico north of Mexico City.

Several reports said the truck was speeding and crashed into several cars and houses before exploding on the Mexico-Pachuca Highway.

At least 26 people were injured in the blast, with half of those injuries considered serious.

At least 100 residents who lost their homes were seeking shelter after Tuesday’s explosion, CNN reported. At least 45 houses were damaged and16 vehicles burned after the explosion.

The tanker driver was being treated at a hospital but is under arrest, CNN reported. Pictures from the scene show the fire spread throughout multiple vehicles.

Mexico Transportation Secretary Gerardo Ruiz Esparza issued a comment about the wreck Tuesday on Twitter. “Lamentable tragedy what happened today in Ecatepec in Mexico-Pachuca,” a tweet message reads after being translated into English. “Work with the appropriate authorities.”

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